The Advantages

During the electrodeposition process the organic polymer builds up on the component, thereby increasing film resistance. This effect is self-limiting and controllable by means of a number of parameters including; voltage, time, temperature and concentration of the solution. In this way it is possible to achieve exceptional maintenance of engineering tolerances by controlled coating thickness.

Electroplating processes by their very nature are extremely polluting to the environment. Toxic metals such as nickel, chromium and cadmium etc. are extensively employed throughout the surface finishing industry simply because until now they have been irreplaceable. Through the utilization of our low VOC, water-based electrophoretic coating technology, we are able to produce an enormous range of coloured, high gloss and satin effects directly onto a wide variety of base metal substrates. Using numerous surface preparation techniques such as bead blasting, vibratory finishing, polishing and linishing it is possible to achieve some quite stunning finishes.

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