Case Studies




Jaguar cars

Jaguar cars were looking for a distinctive and eye catching finish on the cat face affixed to the front of the radiator grill of their new series X-Type Jaguar.

We worked in concert with the manufacturer of the die cast components and the design team at Jaguar to offer a range of effects, one of which was chosen, fully environmentally tested by Jaguar and then successfully adopted on the X-Type for a number of years.




3E Security Limited

Some 15 years ago a company specialising in access control equipment presented us with the challenge of creating a "stainless steel" look over their aluminium parts to match existing stainless steel fitments.

They had previously tried unsuccessfully to nickel plate their components at considerable cost. We provided a range of options, one of which proved ideal.

15 years later, we are still applying this same finish, more cost effectively, directly onto their parts to their complete satisfaction.




The Dean Group

The Dean Group a pre-eminent UK casting manufacturer required an outdoor durable black finish to be applied onto a component for marine application. The particular composition and complexity of the aluminium alloy casting made it very difficult to finish in any other way than by electrophoretic application. We worked with the team at Dean Group to provide an accepted black gloss finish which when environmentally tested fulfilled the customer’s requirements.

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